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A Click Away To Safety

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How the App Works


Widget on Homepage

Kinga displays an easily accessible widget on your iPhone homepage



Widget Opens App

Clicking on the widget opens up the app



Automated Phone Call

Kinga sends you an automated phone message with prompts to remove you from the situation


Emergency Alert

Kinga sends a pre-written text message and location to your trusted friends


Emergency Dial

Kinga dials an emergency phone contact of your choosing


Get out of the situation without escalation using a disguised widget that will not arouse suspicion.



The disguised widget will appear on your home screen, ensuring instant access!



Make your own choice of who to call/text for help and when.



Our Story

Join the new wave of student safety.

Kinga is an easy to use safety technology app developed to make people safer without the discomfort of "making a scene." More than 80% of uncomfortable and dangerous situaitons arise from people's closest friends, and the social pressure and bias increases confusion, which worsens the scenario. Using subtle messaging and simple tools, kinga serves as an essential application for protecting yourself and your friends.



"I liked the system, and the different ranking systems that you could choose from based on the on the level of situation."

Notre Dame Student

"The screens are [minimal] and easy to use"

Notre Dame Student

"The app is really smart and beneficial because sometimes a friend isn’t always available to help you get out of a conversation."

Notre Dame Student